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Golf is a Game of Skill, NOT SWINGS!

Stop Modelling your Swing on a Tour Pro’s!

It’s an archaic approach to improving your game. Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player Won multiple Major Championships with unorthodox Swings. 

That being said, it can useful to utilise Swing footage to help you understand/visualise a correctly prescribed movement, but your main emphasis should be on playing good golf, not having a perfect Swing (it doesn’t exist). 

Here’s 3 reasons why:

- Your physique doesn’t match the technique: are you physically capable of executing the move?

- Misdiagnosis: the position/move is inappropriate or even detrimental to your desired outcome

- Skill transfer: The prescribed methodology to execute the move is an inefficient/ineffective way for you to learn it

Seek out Coaches that Teach Skills, not Swings

Most other Sports are skill based. If you watch a typical Football (Soccer) training session, you’ll see players learning how to pass with both feet, tackle effectively, head the ball in a defensive situation etc. Only a tiny percentage of the time is spent on the mechanics of kicking or heading the ball. Too many Golf lessons are spent diagnosing and fixing swing positions, often with zero context i.e. no association to a specific ball flight/shot/skill.

When push comes to shove, there’s two fundamental skills to Master to lower your scores:

- Ball Control: being able to control distance, direction, trajectory, curvature and minimise undesired variability

- Self Control: decision making, managing your emotions, controlling your attention, physical awareness etc

Function > Form

Your technique is functional when you can hit the shot you want to hit under pressure, not when it looks nice. So, seek out Coaches that’ll asses and educate you in the above (control) Skills, not simply look at your Swing mechanics and match them against a pre-established Technical Model.

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